POST Send Chat{port}/chat/v6/messages

Send a message to the specified group


URL Parameters:

Other Variables:


type SendChatBody = {
    /** The conversation ID of the group to send the message to */
    cid: string;
    message: string;
    /** Use `chat` for whispers, `groupchat` for group messages, and `system` for system messages */
    type: "groupchat" | "chat" | "system";


type SendChatResponse = {
    messages: {
        body: string;
        cid: string;
        game_name: string;
        game_tag: string;
        id: string;
        mid: string;
        name: string;
        pid: string;
        /** Player UUID */
        puuid: string;
        read: boolean;
        region: string;
        /** Time in milliseconds since epoch */
        time: string;
        type: "chat" | "groupchat";