GET Presence{port}/chat/v4/presences

Get a list of online friends and their activity If the player is playing Valorant, private is a base64-encoded JSON string that contains useful information such as party and in-progress game score.


URL Parameters:

Other Variables:


type PresenceResponse = {
    presences: {
        actor?: unknown | null;
        basic: string;
        details?: unknown | null;
        game_name: string;
        game_tag: string;
        location?: unknown | null;
        msg?: unknown | null;
        name: string;
        patchline?: unknown | null;
        pid: string;
        platform?: unknown | null;
        private: string | null;
        privateJwt?: unknown | null;
        product: "valorant" | "league_of_legends";
        /** Player UUID */
        puuid: string;
        region: string;
        resource: string;
        state: "mobile" | "dnd" | "away" | "chat";
        summary: string;
        /** Milliseconds since epoch */
        time: number;