Valorant API Docs (unofficial)

This is a site dedicated to documenting the Valorant API endpoints the client uses internally. These endpoints are not officially supported. However, as long as you use common sense and don't do anything a Riot employee would frown at, you won't get banned.

You can join the Discord server here:

Getting Started

One of the easiest ways to get started and get a feel for what kinds of data you can get from the apis is to play around with the requests yourself in a REST client like Insomnia.

  1. Download and install Insomnia here:
  2. Add insomnia-plugin-valorant
  3. Import Workspace
You can right-click a request in Insomnia and click "Generate Code" to see how to make the request in the language and library of your choice.

Investigating Endpoints

Endpoints are commonly found from the ShooterGame log located at %LocalAppData%\VALORANT\Saved\Logs\ShooterGame.log You can use Valorant Log Endpoint Scraper to quickly export a list of endpoints and other urls found in the log.

Prior Work

Documenting the endpoints and making them available is a team effort. Here are some notable contributions: