GET Custom Game Configs


Get information about the available gamemodes, maps, queues, and gamepods


URL Parameters:

Other Variables:


type CustomGameConfigsResponse = {
    Enabled: boolean;
    EnabledMaps: string[];
    EnabledModes: string[];
    Queues: {
        /** Queue ID */
        QueueID: string;
        Enabled: boolean;
        TeamSize: number;
        NumTeams: number;
        MaxPartySize: number;
        MinPartySize: number;
        InvalidPartySizes: number[];
        MaxPartySizeHighSkill: number;
        HighSkillTier: number;
        MaxSkillTier: number;
        AllowFullPartyBypassSkillRestrictions: boolean;
        Mode: string;
        IsRanked: boolean;
        IsTournament: boolean;
        RequireRoster: boolean;
        Priority: number;
        PartyMaxCompetitiveTierRange: number;
        PartyMaxCompetitiveTierRangePlacementBuffer: number;
        FullPartyMaxCompetitiveTierRange: number;
        PartySkillDisparityCompetitiveTiersCeilings: {
            [x: string]: number;
        UseAccountLevelRequirement: boolean;
        MinimumAccountLevelRequired: number;
        GameRules: {
            [x: string]: string;
        SupportedPlatformTypes: "PC"[];
        DisabledContent: unknown[];
        queueFieldA: unknown[];
        NextScheduleChangeSeconds: number;
        TimeUntilNextScheduleChangeSeconds: number;
        /** Array of strings in the format of "map:weight" */
        MapWeights: string[];
    GamePodPingServiceInfo: {
        [x: string]: {
            SecurityHash: number;
            ObfuscatedIP: number;
            PingProxyAddress: string;
            PingProxyAddresses: string[];